Restaurant Pa Yang Poi, near Baan Sammi

Restaurant Pa Yang Poi — opposite Baan Sammi. — ร้านอาหาร ป่ายางปอย

Changes in July 2018: The owner, Ms. Tip (คุณทิป), continues to offer a food delivery service only, but the restaurant location is no longer open to the public.

You can order any Thai dish (with pork, chicken, fish, shrimps, eggs, or vegetarian) for lunch and dinner, 1 day in advance. Prices usually range from 40 Baht to 60 Baht per dish.

Place a food delivery order
with Ms. Tip directly (in Thai) at the restaurant location between 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., orwith Ms. Tip by phone (in Thai), 080-2266320, best between 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., orvia Khun Sam in person or by phone (in English or Thai), 089-6339517, best before 4:30 p.m. Please also set a delivery location and a time range for the delivery.
You can order in advance for a single day, or for a week, or for certain days a week.

Google Maps — location Google Maps — location, with access from Baan Sammi

The restaurant in January 2018.

The menu in Thai.

Departure from Chiang Mai Airport in the Early Morning

Departure from Chiang Mai Airport in the early morning

If the departure time is set to early morning (e.g. 6:00 a.m.), and check-in for an international flight occurs approximately two hours prior to departure, very early attendance at the airport (e.g. 4:00 a.m.) is required. The driving time by car from Baan Sammi to the airport is about 30–40 minutes during off-peak hours. You should plan for at least 1 hour travel time (e.g. departure at 3:00 a.m.). There is no public transportation available so early in the morning. The only possibility would be to book a ride in advance (at least 1 day in advance) with a taxi company, or with Grab (Grab Premium). However, this is risky. If the taxi or Grab car does not arrive, or too late, there is no alternative at this time to get to the airport. The risk of missing the flight is therefore very high. 

Therefore, we recommend spending the night before departure in an accommodation (guesthouse, hotel) near the airport. The booking can be made o…

Open a Bank Account in Thailand

How to open a personal bank account with any of the major banks in Chiang Mai, if you have entered Thailand on a tourist visa or non-immigrant visa. Recent links from

Natural ponds in the northern hills

Landscape and ponds in the northern hills of Doi Saket and San Sai districts
Widely known to be located in the northern hills is the Mae Kuang Reservoir and Dam (อ่างเก็บน้ำเขื่อนแม่กวง), a popular Sunday destination. Almost unknown and lovely embedded in the northern hills are three natural ponds: Huai Cho (ห้วยโจ้), Huai Kiang (ห้วยเกี้ยง), and Huai Sak (ห้วยสัก). The most secluded and beautiful pond is Huai Kiang. This pond is good for swimming, the area good for walking, and it is possible that you can not meet anyone in this landscape. The route to all these three ponds is scenic, good and easy to reach by motorbike or bicycle.
Route from Baan Sammi to Huai Kiang
Huai Cho (ห้วยโจ้) — photo by Thanachai Larpsirisaward, May 2017

Noodle Soup Restaurant at Ban Pa Tio

Noodle Soup Restaurant at Ban Pa Tio (บ้านป่าติ๋ว) — 10 min walk from Baan Sammi.
Recently, a small noodle soup restaurant has opened on a property near the road T-junction in Ban Pa Tio (บ้านป่าติ๋ว), not far from and on the same side as Wat Pitayaram (วัดปีตยาราม), which is listed on Google Maps. The restaurant is only open from (late?) morning to early afternoon, but may be closed on certain dates without prior notice. Only one dish is offered: a pork noodle soup. You can eat in the restaurant, or you can take the food away, but there is no delivery service to Baan Sammi so far.
Phone number not yet known (in Thai only – ภาษาไทยค่ะ)
Google Maps — location, with access from Baan Sammi

Pharmacy Jip Ang Tueng Osot, in China Town

Pharmacy Jip Ang Tueng Osot L. P. — ร้านขายยา ห้างหุ้นส่วนจำกัด จิบอังตึ้งโอสถ
This pharmacy is located in the heart of China Town, also well-known as Warorot Market. It has drugs that I could not find in other pharmacies. This is the main reason for the recommendation, but it is always advisable to visit several different pharmacies to find out if a particular drug is on stock, can be ordered or not. Also, a price comparison is advisable, including an inquiry as to whether a discount (for drugs in bulk quantity) can be granted.
48-52, Chang Moi Rd., Chang Moi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Mai, 50300

48–52 ถ. ช้างม่อย ต. ช้างม่อย อ. เมือง จ. เชียงใหม่ 50300
Open daily
Google Maps — location

Beverage Shop

Beverage Shop on Chiang Mai – Doi Saket Highway #118.
If you have a motorbike, scooter or car, and if you are in the city of Chiang Mai, driving from the city towards Doi Saket, and if you might wish to stop at a shop for buying beverages, then this shop is a good choice. The shop is easy to find, though not instantly recognizable, it is also easy to find a parking space in front of the shop for your car, the staff is helpful in uploading and friendly, and prices are reasonable.
phone number not known
Google Maps — location

Amon: Computer City Center

Amon, at Computer City Center, Chiang Mai.
A shop with a wide variety of electrical and electronic parts, and spare parts, for home and business appliances, also some non-electric parts. Prices are low to moderate.
Open daily 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Google Maps — location

Nam Phrae Barber

Nam Phrae Barber Shop, ร้านน้ำแพร่บาร์เบอร์, Nam Phrae.
Mr. Niomphai, barber. Phone: 089-4121881. Opening hours Monday–Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Wednesday closed. Good service, but the barber does not speak English. Prices low: 70 Baht for a haircut (Apr. 2018).
Google Maps — location

Immigration Chiang Mai / Ausländerbehörde

90-Days Notification — 90-tägige Benachrichtigung:

A foreigner who stays in Thailand for more than 90 consecutive days must notify the Immigration Department. The notification is usually in person, or alternatively via an agent, by mail (registered letter), or online. — Ein Ausländer, der länger als 90 Tage ununterbrochen in Thailand bleibt, muss die Ausländerbehörde informieren. Die Benachrichtigung erfolgt normalerweise persönlich, alternativ aber auch über einen Agenten, per Post (eingeschriebener Brief), oder online.

Information, with emphasis on online notification:
Immigration Bureau Thailand

Immigration Chiang Mai / Ausländerbehörde

Immigration Chiang Mai at Promenada Shopping Center.
First-hand information about your stay permit, extension of stay, residence confirmation etc. can best be obtained from the Immigration office. In front of the office there are several counters with officials who answer your questions and provide you with forms, e.g. application form for the extension of stay.
Open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m.

Google Maps — Chiang Mai Immigration Office
The Immigration is marked inaccurately on this map,
for an almost precise location see the following map

Google Maps — location: Promenada Chiang Mai
The Immigration is located on the ground floor
(next to the car parking areas inside the building)
of Promenada (shopping center)

T. Phanit Basketry

T. Phanit Basketry Shop (Thor Panich Shop) — ร้าน ต. พานิช จักสาน.
Household goods made of bamboo and rattan, great selection and low prices.
ปริญญา สายโม๊ะ (เบน) — Parinya Saimo (Ben)
169 ม. 3 ต. บ้านแหวน อ. หางดง จ. เชียงใหม่ 50230
053-441251, 063-2422655
Google Maps — location

Chaipradit Basketry

Chaipradit Basketry, ชัยประดิษฐ์ เครื่องจักสาน, Hang Dong.
Household goods made of bamboo and rattan, great selection and low prices.
229 ม. 3 ต. บ้านแหวน อ. หางดง จ. เชียงใหม่ 50230
Google Maps — location

Jo's Bakery

Jo's Bakery and Restaurant — Bäckerei und Restaurant von Jo, Ban Nam Phrae, Hang Dong.
A German bakery and restaurant, offers many special groceries. Reasonable prices.
089-9506623, 053-022090
Google Maps — location

Car Wash, Motorbike Wash

Car Wash, Motorbike Wash, Choeng Doi Subdistrict, Doi Saket.
A car and motorbike wash station at Doi Saket – Bo Sang Road (#1014), not far from Ban Choeng Doi, the center of Doi Saket. Low prices: Car wash 80–120 Baht, motorbike wash 50 Baht (23 Nov. 2017). Opening hours flexible, usually open Monday – Saturday, at least in the afternoon.
Google Maps — location

8 o'Clock Coffee

8 o'Clock Coffee is a modern coffee shop with excellent coffee and little snacks. It's located in the middle of nowhere, between green rice paddies and the mountains. The prices are low but setting and atmosphere are high class and worth the trip.
Google Maps — location

SamudLanna Stationary

Samud Lanna Stationary Shop 31 ถนน ห้วยแก้ว (Huai Kaeo / Huay Kaew) Road, Chiang Mai.
A nice stationary shop with a wide selection, and with a bias for painters/artists. Reasonable prices. Recommended by Andreas.
053-222700, 089-2839000
Google Maps — location


Dentists at Chiang Mai.
There are many dentists centrally located and in the outscirts of Chiang Mai. Here presented is Asia Fortune Dental as an informative example, not necessarily as a recommendation.
053-262828, 088-2582504
Google Maps — location

Electrical Supply Store

Electrical Supply Store, คลังไฟฟ้า สาขา, Mueang Chiang Mai.
A favorite electrical supply store in the well-known Wua Lai Road, not far from the Chiang Mai Gate. Large selection, low prices:
Google Maps — location

Sunshine Massage School

Sunshine Massage School, Chiang Mai.
10 day beginner's Thai massage course. Recommended by Editha.
Google Maps — location

Used Books — Backstreet Books + Gekko Books

Backstreet Books + Gekko Books, Chiang Mai, offer used books for sale, and trade-back. Centrally located, near Tha Phae Gate. Most books are English, but there is also a small shelf with German books. — Auch gebrauchte deutsch-sprachige Bücher gibt es zu kaufen und zum Ausleihen.
Google Maps — location
Google Maps — location

May Kaidee Restaurant and Cooking School

May Kaidee, Restaurant and Cooking School, Chiang Mai.
Centrally located near Tha Phae Gate. Open Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m – 9 p.m. Price range of meals 80–120 Baht. Recommended by Editha.
Google Maps — location

Khun Lao Coffee

Khun Lao Coffee, บ้านกาแฟขุนลาว (ban kafae khun lao), between Ban Pa Du and Ban Nam Phrae.
A litte restaurant and coffee shop, also coffee beans available for sale. Reasonable prices.
Google Maps — location

Royal Park Ratchaphruek

Royal Park Ratchaphruek, Chiang Mai
The Royal Park Ratchaphruek, in Thai อุทยานหลวงราชพฤกษ์ (Uthayan Luang Ratchaphruek), or Royal Park Rajapruek as in Google Maps, is a huge park, mainly for recreation, pleasure and greenery show. It includes some educational presentations, plates with information e.g. plant names, but is not a botanical garden in the strict sense though it contains quite a lot of different plants. You can spend there a whole day and have not yet seen all. This park is also a site for certain events.
Google Maps — location

Chiang Mai Flower Market

Chiang Mai Flower Market – กาดดอกไม้เชียงใหม่ (Kat Dok Mai Chiang Mai)
"Florist Market Mueang Chiang Mai" in Google Maps. This is truly a flower and florist market where you can buy cut flowers and flower bouquets from a wide selection.
Google Maps — location

Kham Thiang Market

Kham Thiang Market – ตลาดคำเที่ยง (Talat Kham Thiang), Chiang Mai
"Flower Market Kamthieng" in Google Maps. It's not truly a flower market, because you hardly can buy cut flowers there. Actually, Kham Thiang Market is a plant market where you can buy all kind of living plants, e.g. trees, shrubs, bamboos, and herbaceous plants. Most plants are decorative or ornamental garden plants, but plants useful for food or landscaping can be found, too. There are many shops specialized in certain plants like orchids, ferns, succulents, palms, roses, water plants and so on. In addition, there are shops for gardeners' utilities and tools. It is a pleasent market area to stroll around and look at all the numerous exotic plants. Most plants are in flower, because they can be sold better if a customer can see the flowers. There are at least 2 coffee shops within the market area, inviting you to take a rest.
Google Maps — location

Booths offering groceries near Baan Sammi

Booths offering groceries near Baan Sammi, Doi Saket
There are private booths (in the vicinity of Baan Sammi) which consisting of a tiny table in front of a private property adjacent to a village road or country road, with groceries (mainly fruit and vegetables from private garden) or home-made food and similar products being offered for sale.
Google Maps — location

New City Market

New City Market – ตลาดเมืองใหม่ (Talat Mueang Mai), Chiang Mai
This is the biggest market for groceries in the City where you can shop at reasonable and low prices. As there is always a big turnover in sales of goods, you can rely on getting fresh groceries like vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish. The market is open everyday, holidays included, and the range of goods is particularly rich from the early morning to the early afternoon.
Google Maps — location

Restaurant of the Vegetarian Society of Thailand

Restaurant of the Vegetarian Society of Thailand, Chiang Mai.
"Vegetarian Food Club of Thailand" on Google Maps. It's not a "club". The Thai name, ชมรมมังสวิรัติแห่งประเทศไทย สาขาเชียงใหม่, is best translated into English as the Chiang Mai Branch of the Vegetarian Society of Thailand. The restaurant is an amazing place, and a must-go to vegans and vegetarians. They offer a very wide selection of food, fruit juices and herbal juices, all at very low prices and at self-service. In addition to food in the restaurant, you can buy there fresh vegetables and fruit, groceries, second-hand items, vegetable plants and decorative plants. Open Monday to Friday, the restaurant opens early in the morning and closes early afternoon.
Google Maps — location

Morning Glory Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

Morning Glory Thai Vegetarian Restaurant, Chiang Mai
A convenient restaurant within the old city to have lunch, or to take food away. Open Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday, possibly also closed on public holidays. Closing time is afternoon. Prices are low. Especially recommended is their noodle soup. Located in Phrapokklao Rd. ("Prapokkloa" on Google Maps), which is the main north-south street within the old city, close to Chiang Mai Gate, an old town gate in the south. Easy to find.
Google Maps — location

Chiang Mai Plastic

Chiang Mai Plastic, Chiang Mai
A shop specialized in any items made of plastic for everybody's use in daily life. Wide selection, reasonable prices.
Google Maps — location


Home Furniture and Decoration, Chiang Mai
Furniture and other things for rooms, made of natural materials, with a great selection of rattan furniture. Reasonable prices.
not on Google Maps, located at the northeastern corner
of crossing Chang Moi Rd. × Chang Moi Kao Rd.

Papa's Garden

Papa's Garden, บ้านสวนคุณพ่อ (ban suan khun po)
Papa's Garden is a resort, restaurant, coffee shop (with bakery and cake shop), and a "sports villa" which includes an outdoor swimming pool. Located in the vicinity of Doi Saket. Prices are reasonable.
Google Maps — location
Google Maps — route

Pizza Plus

Pizza Plus, Doi Saket
Restaurant and pizzeria, located on the Bo Sang – Doi Saket Road (#1014), close to Doi Saket. The owners, Mrs. Eve & Mr. Sine, offer food delivery service to Baan Sammi. A delivery order must be placed before 5 p.m. and can be executed after 2 p.m. Open every day 10:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., except Tuesday.
086-9714930, 084-3394466
Google Maps — location
Google Maps — route

G&M Steak

G&M Steak
A restaurant with a wide variety of meats and sausages, run by a German butcher. Popular for its Sunday buffet.
Google Maps — location
Google Maps — route

Super Rich Money Exchange

Super Rich Money Exchange, is said to offer exchange rates better than banks, recommended by Curtis. Two branches exist in Chiang Mai, one of them in Loi Khro Road (ถนนลอยเคราะห์).
Google Maps — location

Crusty Loaf Bakery

Crusty Loaf Bakery, near Irish Pub, Chiang Mai.
Located in the old city of Chiang Mai, one of the few places where you can get good and fresh baked bread, mainly Irish and English style, also some cake is offered, at reasonable prices.
Google Maps — location

Sunday Night Market

Sunday Night Market, Chiang Mai
Open every Sunday, (4) 5 – 10 p.m.
Google Maps — location

Irish Pub

U. N. Irish Pub, Chiang Mai
Located in the old city of Chiang Mai, a rustic restaurant with Thai and Western (Irish) food, at reasonable prices, staff friendly.
Google Maps — location

Bamboo Bike Rentals

Bamboo Bike Rentals, Chiang Mai
Scooters 110 cm³ from 99 Baht per day, stronger scooters at 159 Baht per day, helmet included, insurance extra. Prices are reasonable, service is good, English speaking staff. Several guests rented motorbikes from this company, and there was never any complaint, or any problem with the scooters.
Google Maps — location

Lako Guesthouse, Vientiane

Lako Guesthouse, Vientiane, Laos
If you travel to Laos for visa run, the capital, Vientiane, is your destination. The Lako Guest­house is centrally located, within walking distance to the Thai Embassy, with reasonable prices, and recommended by Editha.
No website, not on Google Maps

Phousi Guesthouse, Luang Prabang

Phousi Guesthouse, Luang Prabang, Laos
If you travel to Laos, Luang Prabang is worth visiting. The guesthouse is centrally located and recommended by Editha.
Google Maps — location

North Wheels

North Wheels, Chiang Mai
Car rental, also scooter rental. Maybe not the cheapest, but apparently reliable. Has also a branch in Chiang Rai.
Google Maps — location


Easycom, Mr. Jukkrit Ampai, at Computer City Center.
Speaks English well, good and reliable service, reasonable prices, successfully repaired laptop and UPS.
Google Maps — location


CityLife is an online platform providing a calendar of upcoming business-oriented events in Chiang Mai:
Google Maps — location

Holidays and Festivals

Public Holidays in Thailand in 2017
A commented list of national public holidays of Thailand, which helps you to find out when banks and post offices and ... are definitely closed.
Festivals in Chiang Mai and Thailand in 2017/2018
Thai festivals are usually not public holidays, can be local or regional, not necessarily nationwide, and the holidays are often determined by means of the lunar calendar so that the date of a holiday can vary from year to year.
Thailand Events & Festivals (Thaizer)
Thailand Holidays + Festivals 2017–2018 (Chiang Mai Best)